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Unlock your authentic power. Give rise to your inner freedom. Live in deep connection, meaning & fulfilment. 


meet your coach, ewan

All lasting change starts with you saying yes to you. And your presence here affirms that process has already begun. 

The man that you want to be is within your grasp. Your power is awaiting you to reclaim. The love present in your heart is waiting to be awakened. Your purpose waiting to be realised. The life you long for and deserve is waiting to be born.

I believe in you and your ability to facilitate transformation in your life. Whether you are arriving here because you are struggling with addiction, suffering heart break, looking for love, wanting to find a greater sense of purpose, stop people pleasing, own your power, create the business you desire, become a better father, a more present lover.  Whatever has brought you here, I am confident that with the right attitude to the deep inner work I guide you through, you can become the man you know is lurking under the shadows.

Still with me!? Have a read a bit more about me. I'm a guy just like you who's been through some shit in life, walked the hero's journey time and again, and is stronger and more loving than ever. All is possible for you my friend.

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“Your shadow is the part of your unconscious where you put all of the energies, emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours that for one reason or another were not acceptable when you were a child. Not acceptable, that is, either to you or to the people around you.”

Rod Boothroyd


Reuben Whyles

Having worked with Ewan for a period of 3 months, I can honestly say he has helped me enormously on my journey of striving to become a more present, conscious young man. What struck me most when working with him was his genuine warmth and how much he cares for the men of this world and how much he wants to see them grow and heal. His compassion and empathy and his ability to hold a safe space allows you to truly open up and feel heard, respected, and valued as a man. He is a great role model and leader for men who are aiming to take ownership of their life and their emotions.


Roel Orduno

Working with Ewan has been the best investment that I have made this year! Ewan provides a judgement-free environment where you can truly honor yourself and see yourself for who you are. Thanks to Ewan's guidance, I am more in tune with my body. I am recognizing what triggers me and pause before reacting. I am allowing myself to feel my feelings with no shame. I feel like I am living life now instead of just going through the motions. And these are just a few of the benefits from the top of my head! I still have much work left to do before I can live the life of my dreams. Though at least now I can confidently say that "I am good enough" and can still work towards my goals! Before seeing Ewan, I took breathing for granted; now, I am grateful to be able to breathe and self-regulate my body! If you're ready to put in the work to literally face your demons, Ewan is your guy!I highly recommend signing up and learning from this heart-centered man.

Michael Dorang - Life Coach

Michael Dorang - Life Coach

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