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Introducing to you this powerful three month 1-1 container with me,

created by 'The UnMasked Man' team .


This is a transformational deep-dive in understanding the difference between truth and story. 


Learn to recognise your projections so you can step up and take ownership of your life! 


I will guide you deeply into your heart to embody the leader of yourself and others.


You will gain the courage to share your unique gifts with your community and beyond. 

      Are you a man who is ready to...


  • ​step up and own your projections?

  • separate truth from story? 

  • become the leader in your life?

  • be your most authentic self?

  • love yourself fully?

  • stop playing small and own your talents?

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." 

Marianne Williamson



Using Jungian Archetypal psychology, we will teach you the skills to explore your own shadow, connect with your inner child and compassionately reparent it where necessary. 


We will give you the tools to start acting from a place of emotional maturity that will change how you relate in every relationship in your life. 


Your partner will thank you, your children will benefit from your new embodied presence and you will start to experience abundance, meaning and purpose in your life.  


You will connect more deeply with yourself, discovering and remembering aspects of yourself allowing you to shape and develop new skills and gifts that you can share with the world.

discover the archetypes

This programme is for men who are committed to their own journey of personal growth, and are ready to become leaders in their life. Men ready to expand and awaken to their power and true nature.

This journey has been designed for you to learn and practise a wide range of skills and techniques.


We will give you the opportunity to step up and empower both yourself and those around you from a place of emotional maturity; embody the healthy parts of your masculine power and reclaim your sovereignty, walking the path of your Kingship with wisdom and grace.




The magician is both the wise man and the scientist. He is the professor, the shaman, the inventor, the doctor and the knower. With his intuition and deep awareness he understands the universe, the stars and his place in it. In his fulness he is the guiding principle for driving civilisation forward in a healthy way. As an elder his wisdom and knowledge is passed down to others, guiding and initiating boys to men and lead to gold. He has a strong bull-shit detector, sifting through the lies and the illusions of others.The magician recognizes that the reality you see is just the tip of the iceberg. That there’s a subterranean world below and he has full access to it. 


Shadow Sides of the Magician/not in his fulness - The Detached Manipulator & The Denying “innocent One”

Together we will start to explore all aspects of harnessing a healthy Magician, helping men discover their inner world and becoming aware of our internal shadows.


the warrior

​The warrior energy is one of the most important archetypes but he is also one of the most misunderstood. This is mainly due to the shadow side of the Warrior that has caused so much suffering throughout history. 


A true Warrior in his fulness has self control and discipline. He is the samurai who knows when to wield his sword, but also as importantly when to holster it. Many men do not know how to safely access their warrior energy in todays society. In his full expression he is loyal, precise, patient, controlled, disciplined and self mastered. He has strong boundaries and acts decisively. The warrior can be a destructive force. But it’s a destructive force for good, to cut through the illusions of the mind and seek the truth. He destroys only what he needs to in order for something beautiful to grow and blossom. When combined with the other archetypes, something magnificent can emerge. If the warrior and magician combines, then one can develop a strong spiritual practice.


Shadow Sides of the Warrior/not in his fulness - The Sadist & The Masochist.

Together we will start to explore all aspects of harnessing a healthy Warrior energy, helping men confront and deal with their anger without shame or zealous chaos and destruction.



The lover is alive with life! He is compassionate, loving, nurturing and romantic. His energy for life is infectious. He feels connected to the world, nature and his purpose. The lover archetype is a man’s source of meaning and spirituality. He’s the dreamer and is highly empathetic. He’s the man who cares for his family and feels for strangers. He loves his partner, holds space as a father, listens, adores and cares. He is passionate, sensual and erotic and treats women with respect and love. The lover in his fulness is sensitive, playful and comfortable in his own body. A loving man in his divine “lover” energy is a symbol of life force itself.



Shadow Sides of the Lover/not in his fulness - The Addicted Lover & The Impotent Lover


Together we will start to explore all aspects of the Lover energy. Helping ourselves and others to free themselves from guilt and shame around sexuality. We will rewire our conditioning in order to experience that VULNERABILITY IS POWER.



Finally we come to the KING.


The Archetype of the King Energy is the source of order in the kingdom. A just King is noble, wise and asks for help. He listens, guides, supports and nourishes. From here his kingdom can prosper and flourish. The king energy accepts everyone around his table, he is loving and forgiving, he welcomes all parts of his psyche without shame or guilt. Helping him grow into maturity so to identify and befriend parts of himself that he may have condemned or cut off. He essentially becomes integrated.


The King is the harmonizing principle, the subjugator of chaos, the uniter of opposites.


Shadow Sides of the King/not in his fulness - Tyrant King and The Weakling Prince.

Together we will start to embody our KING energy. To rise up, to welcome all, to support, love, nourish, guide and harmonize.





Through this truthful and deep process you will undergo your own journey of self discovery and liberation. It is time to awaken and be honest and authentic with yourself. To become a leader it all starts with us. Taking accountability and 'walking our talk'.  

Together we will look at what is holding you back from rising into your power and work through blocks that are currently preventing you from fully giving your expression to the world and living your purpose.



You will be initiated into an ever growing network of men around the world that have walked the same path. 



What is it and how can it benefit me?

Rod Boothroyd eloquently puts it: “Your shadow is the part of your unconscious where you put [suppress] all of the energies, emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours that for one reason or another were not acceptable when you were a child.”

In order to receive love, feel safe and be seen as ‘good’, children often suppress parts of themselves into their subconscious, into what Robert Bly calls the ‘Shadow Bag’.


​Once a man can understand his shadow and how it has been playing out in his life, he can begin to create great change; both for himself and those important relationships which surround him. 


Through this enquiry, acceptance and reparenting of the shadow you can then begin to transform the deep subconscious patterns that have been playing out. 

The introjection of values not your own that have perhaps kept you small, leaked anger, hurt yourself and others or possibly kept you in a cycle of people-pleasing. Shadow work gives you a solid foundational structure and supports you in your journey towards emotional maturity and evolution as a man as you walk the Path of the King.



WEEKS 1 - 4

We will start with you. Looking at the foundation. What makes you tick as a man, what areas in your life are there leakages of energy and how we can bring a conscious awareness to them.


  • Your Hero's Journey. Where have you been and where you are going

  • 'Sadhana'' - Your Morning Practice. Creating a daily structure

  • Understanding our light mission and shadow mission

  • Taking charge of your addictions, e.g. porn, masturbation, sugar, purchasing, gambling, alcohol, drugs, neediness etc

  • Setting your intention & life goals - Both short and long term

  • Why do you want to lead? What is your intention?

  • Mr Nice Guy Syndrome. Are you a Nice guy? Do you use covert contracts? The important of having your own needs

  • Your comfort zone and how much do you live in it?

  • The Father wound - ''Getting hit by the axe'' (the fathers anger)

  • The Mother wound - ‘’The key lies underneath the mother's pillow” Iron John, Robert Bly

  • Letting go, acceptance and forgiveness


WEEKS 5 - 8

Shadow Work - An in-depth analysis of the shadow and bi-polar sides of the four archetypes.


  • The Healthy Lover & The Shadow Lover - The Addicted Lover & The Impotent Lover 

  • The Healthy Warrior & The Shadow Warrior -  The Sadist & The Masochist

  • The Healthy Magician & The Shadow Magician -  The Detached Manipulator & The Denying “Innocent One”

  • The Healthy King & The Shadow King - Tyrant King and The Weakling Prince

  • Sexuality & connection with your partner

  • “The Psychology of Romantic Love"

  • Pain or anger towards the feminine

  • Each week we will explore how these are playing out in your life and learn tools and process work to highlight these areas.


WEEKS 9 - 12

Weeks 9 - 12 will consist of fully coming into your power; finding your inner voice, channeling the most authentic energy to lead and stepping up. ​


  • Your relationship to abundance and wealth consciousness.

  • Facing your FEARS!

  • Accountability, motivation and discipline. The self mastered man

  • Brotherhood and the importance of having a strong network of men

  • Reparenting your inner child through compassion and acceptance

  • Finding your truest voice

  • Breathing into the fear and stepping forward

  • Realising your inner power

  • Self compassion, self love and celebration

  • Leadership with heart

  • Graduation session & initiation


  • 12x personal one-to-one calls on Zoom with your coach

  • Calls will be 60mins. An additional 15 minutes may be added if required

  • Weekly programme booklet and manuals 

  • Weekly homework, question, objectives and tasks to complete

  • These will be set to encourage you to break through your comfort zone and push you to into the uncomfortable

  • Reading lists of essential books to develop your studies, enquiry and process

  • Weekly WhatsApp support

  • Meditation and breathing exercises & techniques

  • Connection with a growing global network of men

  • Support around non-ejaculation, commitment to motivating and harnessing your sexual energy

  • Graduation certificate 

  • Accompanying videos


  • Men that are ready to take the next step in their life

  • Men that ready to be leaders in their life and take ownership of it

  • Men that want to create great change and embody their teachings

  • Men that are ready to become emotionally mature

  • Men that are ready to help others rise through embodying their life mission


  • 12 week Personal Coaching Programme

  • Weekly 60min one-to-one calls at a mutually convenient time

  • Designated homework assignments each week





Worldwide Timezone


12 Week Personal Commitment



(single payment)

*save & pay in full 



Worldwide Timezone


12 Week Personal Commitment



*6 monthly payments of £650

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