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authentic man - mens group

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What is this Mens Group?

The 'Authentic Man Men's Group' is a safe space for men to come together & connect at a deeper level than they would normally do in everyday life. Its a space where men learn to speak their truth without shame. The men encourage each other to be better men, to feel their emotions, to show up more emotionally deeply in relationships and to manage the stress of everyday life. It's a sapce where men learn to connect with their heart.




Facilitated by Ewan Corlett

Michael Dorang

The Authentic Man group is a great group of men, exploring what it means to be a man in today's world. Being in this group has allowed me to open more to myself, to see the vulnerability that I have been hiding. Being with other men who are not afraid to reach deep to figure out what is really behind what they are feeling has taught me that I can do that, too. I have found that I am not alone.

Hardeep Sehra

When Ewan first mentioned the men's group at first I wasn't sure about opening up to other men as the only person I did that with was Ewan through our 1-2-1 therapy. I started listening to other men's perspectives on life and things they are experiencing I immediately felt a sense of belonging and that I am not alone. The group has enabled me to learn from other men things that I never thought of and I take that to my daily life which has helped me massively. There is ZERO judgement or shame from whatever you say and it has created a camaraderie which I am proud to be a part of. I strongly recommend giving it a go if you are thinking about it.

Tim Hubbold

Ewan is an inspiration to me. The compassion and passion that I feel from him is beautiful. His Authentic Men's group has been a place for honesty and vulnerability between Men, something so necessary and nourishing for me personally. I have found the group to be a safe space full of love and care and to have access to this once a week is a real blessing

The Authentic Man is a growing network of closed groups of 10 men. Meeting weekly we learn to build deeper intimacy with one another. The bonds that are created help to support the men's evolution in Integrity as the authentic men that they are choosing to be.

The men empower each other in greater....


 • Authenticity of character

 • Accountability to their word

 • Integrity to their actions

 • Growth in their relationships and business

 • Emotional awareness, intelligence & developing mastery

 • Connection - raising the level of meaningful loving relations in your life


Each week different theme will arise naturally as the men share from the heart. A specific theme that is most prevalent is then chosen as the topic for introspection over the week ahead. The men are assigned accountability partners who they explore the theme with. This allows for deeper exploration and challenge to unravel naturally between the men, enabling a truer authentic expression to develop between them over time. This is about growing into the heart and body to elevate oneself and your brother man to activate their highest potential for love and success in all areas of life, TOGETHER!



It is a consistent space for you to......


 • feel safe and supported to share HONESTLY with deep VULNERABILITY

• drop out of your head and into your body, into your heart, to FEEL fully ALIVE and PRESENT with your emotions in a deeply connected environment 

 • be witnessed in your ultimate TRUTH and dissolve any shame you may carry

 • discover your deeper MASCULINE & FEMININE ENERGIES

 • DECIDE to push through fear and COMMITT to your future 

 • be held ACCOUNTABLE to your word by other men who want to see you SUCCEED

 • develop CONSISTENT GROWTH & invite in ABUNDANCE in ALL areas of your life

• develop deeper INTIMACY with yourself which will transform your relationships in so many ways

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MENS group 

My aim as the facilitator of this sacred space is to enable all the men to feel safe to share with vulnerability. I do this by providing a structured and consistent setting that communicates emotional receptivity.

We begin each session warmly as men arrive, welcoming each other into the space.

I then lead the men in a 5-10 minute meditation with breathwork to help them to drop out of their mind and more into their body and heart.

The meditation broadens into the topic that has been introspected on over the previous week to empower men to connect with what is alive for them in their heart.

From here I open the floor for men to come in and share as they feel to do so.

The invitation is always to open up oneself a little more to be witnessed in a deeper truth. From here we support each other through active listening and empathic response. Each man has an opportunity to share what is on his heart and mind and is strongly supported and lovingly challenged by the other men.

At the point that each man has shared we come together to acknowledge each other more deeply, offering celebration, loving challenge and support.

We then close with a short meditation and brief check out from each man.

Growing as a cohesive group of 10 men we learn to build intimacy as a unit. Resultingly men feel growingly safe to lower the veil of shame and allow their truest authentic self to be seen, celebrated and empowered.



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